2014 Courage of two American – Hungarian coproduction

Director: Christopher Ballard / Executive Producer: Katalin Weith

Producer: Mark Wells

Status: post production

This story was written by Patrick’s mother Roxanne and Marc Wells, who is also producing the film and the father of the real life Denver. When Denver goes to the hospital he discovers that he has Type-I Diabetes and learns that he will have to take three shots every day for the rest of his life. Even though he is scared at the thought of having to face major changes, he finds a new friend named Patrick in the ICU who has a different situation, cancer.

2014 My dear Elsa Hungarian feature film (Website: www.dragaelza.hu)

The first Hungarian World War II independent feature film.

Starring: Makray Gábor, Bodor Géza, Varga Tamás, Ripli Zsuzsa
Cinematographer: Grátz Márk
Directed by Füle Zoltán
Producer: Barbalics Péter, Weith Katalin



Directed Weith Katalin

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